Richmond, Virginia, 1865-1870


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate mastery of image editing skills, color, and composition. Students must utilize the following techniques: cropping and resizing an image; restoring a photograph; colorizing a photograph; creating a vignette; and creating a matted engraving.

Restored Photographs

Capitol building 1865 Capitol building 1865 - edited

Richmond ruins Richmond ruins - edit

The first image is the Capitol building in Richmond, Virginia, as it appeared in 1865. The courtroom was located on the top floor of the building. The other image depicts the ruins of Richmond after the Civil War. For the following photographs, I followed the instructions laid out in the videos, Dr. Petrik's class practicums, and a tutorial. I began by using the crop straightening tool and then cropping to images to remove the borders. I then used the magic wand tool to fix the upper right hand corner in the Capitol image and the lower right hand corner in the ruins image. I then applied the dust and scratches noise filter. Next I used the spot healing brush tool to fix the bottom part of the Capitol image and the sky and ground of the ruins image. Following that, I fixed the hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, and applied an unsharp mask filter for both images.

Colorized Photograph

Robert E Lee Robert E Lee - edit

This is a photograph of General Robert E. Lee. First I restored the photograph, and then I added a layer for each item in the photograph I colorized. I used the magnetic lasso tool to outline a specific area, such as the chair, then colored in the area using the paint bucket. Finally I tweaked the opacity of the layer to bring back the object's detail.


Washington Monument Washington Monument - edit

This image is of the Washington Monument in Richmond's Capitol Square. The hats that were removed from the rubble of the Capitol were placed at the foot of the Washington Monument, and created an immense pile. For the vignette, I followed the instructions laid out in a tutorial. I first added a white solid color fill layer and then selected the layer mask. Using the elliptical marquee tool, I cropped the image and then filled the selection with black. Then I applied a Gaussian blur filter, reshaped and moved the border using the free transform tool, and finally trimmed away the white space.

Matted Engraving

Daily Dispatch Daily Dispatch - edit

I chose Richmond's Daily Dispatch newspaper to use for the matted engraving. The Daily Dispatch was a major source of news in Richmond, and was owned by Henry Ellyson, one of the 1870 mayoral candidates. The unedited image is a PDF scan of the microfilm. For the matted engraving, I followed Dr. Petrik's tutorial. First I used the crop straightening tool and then cropped the image. Then I used the automatic tone, contrast, and color options. In my background layer I made the foreground white, then switched back to the main layer. I blended the image, using the slider to erase as much of the background as possible. Then I resized the image and flattened it. Finally, I restored some of the lost details using the unsharp mask filter.