Alyssa Toby Fahringer: Clio 2 Portfolio

About this Portfolio

This portfolio was created to showcase my work in Clio 2: Creating History in New Media. When finished, this portfolio will include completed assignments on typography, digitally manipulated images, web design, and a final project. My final project will focus on the Capitol Disaster of Richmond in 1870. Approximately 70 men were killed when the balcony of the third-floor courtroom crashed to the courtroom floor. The added weight caused the courtroom floor to collapse, and the men were flung three stories to the ground floor of the capitol building.

"Yesterday occurred the greatest calamity that ever afflicted this city..."

About Clio 2

Clio 2: Creating History in New Media is a graduate-level course offered at George Mason University. Taught by Dr. Paula Petrik, the course is designed to introduce students to the basics of web design and the importance of adapting historical study to the digital age. The course will cover the following topics:

  • design
  • typography
  • structure
  • color
  • images
  • accessibility
  • interactivity


Richmond skyline in 1865