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For the web design assignment, I created a rough draft of my final project that includes the home page in addition to the aftermath page. The aftermath page has sections on the relief efforts and the outcome of the mayoralty case. I attempted to incorporate the things we learned in the typography and image assignments into this design project. I used grey and purple to signify the colors of mourning. I included various images: one of which I worked on for the image assignment, and I vignetted the Chahoon image. The original image of Chahoon is of very poor quality and low resolution, and I can’t tell if the vignette makes it look any better. I used lorem ipsum text because I am in the process of working on and editing my paper on the Capitol Disaster, so I may or may not be able to insert actual text by Monday.

My comment on Michael’s post


  1. I love the engravings and your choice of fonts. I wouldn’t have picked up that gray and purple were symbols of mourning, I usually think of black. But they certainly convey a solemnity, which is what you want. And I think your Chahoon image looks great even if the original was sketchy. Good work!

  2. Very nice design. Your pages have a very clean look to them and the font really stands out and is legible and crisp. The vignette image looked great, and I really loved the coloring on your portrait of Elizabeth Van Lew. The only thing I would suggest is to remove the drop shadow on your subheading (unless it is part of the font itself). The coloring and lettering stands out on its own and if feel the subtle shadowing underneath takes away from the font. Other than that, you’ve got a good site to work with as we draw close to the end. Good job.

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