Comments on Jefferson’s Images

Jefferson’s image page is incredibly well done, and I really can only find positive things to say about it. Both images that he chose to manipulate are interesting visually and fit in well with his topic, and I like that he decided to make his matted engraving blend well with the style and colors of his page and portfolio. Jefferson did a great job in the matted engraving using the halo effect around several of the people who are close to the stage – they “pop” and the viewer is quickly drawn to them. I originally thought that perhaps the image should’ve been cropped more, but there is so much going on in the original engraving that it would have been hard to chose what to take out. Jefferson also made excellent choices in decides which color swatches to use in the colorized photograph. My only critiques would be to manipulate the code so that the matted engraving can remain within the boundaries of the wrapper. The sky in the colorized photograph looks a little bit too dark to my eyes, but maybe it was cloudy and/or raining the day the photograph was taken. My last critique would be for Jefferson to use another tool to try and bring out more of the detail of the original photograph, but exactly how he would go about doing that is not something I can speak on with any authority.

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