Web Design Assignment

For the web design assignment, I created a rough draft of my final project that includes the home page in addition to the aftermath page. The aftermath page has sections on the relief efforts and the outcome of the mayoralty case. I attempted to incorporate the things we learned in the typography and image assignments into this … [Read more]


The theme of our readings this week focused on interactivity. One of our internet visits was to the Lost Museum, which we also learned about in Clio 1 (here are my thoughts on the Lost Museum and using games as a pedagogical tool). “History and the Web, From the Illustrated Newspaper to Cyberspace” noted the … [Read more]


I want to thank Mason and the rest of my peers for providing me with feedback on my image assignment. I was really impressed with everyone’s work! The topic of accessibility is an important and often overlooked one. When I was in library school, I was required to take an introduction to information technologies course … [Read more]

Comments on Jefferson’s Images

Jefferson’s image page is incredibly well done, and I really can only find positive things to say about it. Both images that he chose to manipulate are interesting visually and fit in well with his topic, and I like that he decided to make his matted engraving blend well with the style and colors of … [Read more]

Images pt. 2

So the good news first: I found several images to use for the upcoming image assignment on the Library of Congress Print and Photographs Online Catalog and the New York Public Library Digital Collections site. I think I’ll mostly be using images of the Capitol building (taken before 1870), as well as some of Richmond after the Confederate … [Read more]


This week’s readings focused on images, using Photoshop, and color. Dr. Petrik’s “Managing Engravings” tutorial was a useful step-by-step set of instructions on how to use Photoshop. Since I have no experience whatsoever with it, I found the tutorial, along with the exercise we started in class on Monday, incredibly helpful (and thank you, Stephanie, … [Read more]


Thank you to my colleagues who provided me with constructive feedback on my typography page! Following your comments, I created more subheads in order to fully utilize my heading font. I also put the names of the fonts used in the footer. I adjusted the line height and tightened up the body text a bit. The … [Read more]

Typography Assignment

I worked for a while on the continuation of the Columbine website, and made several changes to the css in order to have my finished product look similar to the screenshot. The “big discovery” I made is that I can change the padding of the body to ensure that text does not wrap around the navigation bar. I … [Read more]


After listening to the critiques in class, I made some changes to my portfolio page. I changed the width of the container from 900px to 775px. I added a 0em bottom margin to my subheadings in order to decrease the space between the text of the headings and the text of the body paragraphs.  I moved the … [Read more]

Typography Matters, Too, & The Sad State of My Portfolio

This week’s readings focused on the importance of color, typography, and footnotes. I found the Errol Morris New York Times piece the most fascinating out of all of our readings this week. The idea that typography can influence how people view the credibility  of information found online closely ties in to the article about the Stanford Credibility Project as well … [Read more]