To access my Omeka site, click here. Omeka For this week’s practicum on public history we were tasked with creating a collection of objects on Omeka. I had been looking forward to learning about and using Omeka, and luckily for the first year fellows, our practicum coincided with our first week of our rotation in Public Projects. … [Read more]

Palladio and RAW

For this week’s practicum, I am using Palladio and RAW to show how networks are constructed, what they reveal, and how they can be useful for historians. I began in Palladio by copying and pasting the battle and unit spreadsheet information into it, and then added in the CSV that contained the battles and coordinates. … [Read more]

Ways to Use Text Mining

For this week’s practicum, we are using various ngram viewers and comparing them, and then using Voyant. For first half of this exercise I chose keywords that are of interest to me in my research. I started out the practicum hoping to get a better grasp on what text mining is and how it works, … [Read more]

Citing Databases

I did not have much luck in finding use of databases in the most recent articles in The Journal of Southern History. While searching through footnotes, the most highly utilized sources were books, followed by scholarly articles. I am interested to know if the authors found those scholarly articles via databases, because if they did, … [Read more]

The Shocking Truth About OCR

Google OCR – page three of Pinkerton files Pinkerton – vertical Pinkerton – cropped Pinkerton – contrast At first I left the image horizontal and attempted to run it through Google OCR. It did not recognize any of the characters and thus I didn’t have any text to examine. I manipulated the image so it was vertical, … [Read more]

Digital History Resources for 20th Century Southern Women Historians

Our practicum for this week is to assess the digital history in our field of study. To begin with, I typed “20th century Southern women” into Google. I received many results that were either faculty pages at universities, books for sale on Amazon, and essays, both scholarly and non-scholarly in nature. I found a section of The Gilder Lehrman … [Read more]

My Professional Online Presence

The day is finally here. I have held out for as long as I could, but knew that I would have to give in eventually. Not only have I created my own blog but I also have a Twitter account. Previously I had a Facebook page and tried my hand at starting a blog and a … [Read more]