The Issues of Digital Scholarship

This week’s readings on digital scholarship encompassed many different topics: digital articles, evaluation, dissertation embargoes, open access, copyright, and more. So what is digital scholarship and what are the main issues surrounding it? Ed Ayers defines digital scholarship as “discipline-based scholarship produced with digital tools in a digital form.” According to Will Thomas, digital scholarship … [Read more]

Digital Pedagogy and the Digital Divide

One of the ideas presented by Mills Kelly in his book Teaching History in the Digital Age is the notion that professors need to meet students where they are and the need to engage students in the space where they live. This means that professors and teachers need to be willing to adapt current technological trends into … [Read more]

“The Public” and Public History

A quick recap of a selection of this week’s readings on public history: Carl Smith’s “Can You Do Serious History on the Web?” asks whether history that is put online can be considered professional and describes the process of creating The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory. Mark Tebeau discusses the importance of … [Read more]

The Problematic Lack of Transparency

This week’s readings discussed databases and the ways in which such technology affects the historical profession. Patrick Spedding’s article “The New Machine: Discovering the Limits of ECCO” touches briefly on something we mentioned in discussion last week. Spedding notes that ECCO’s OCR transcriptions are not available to the users of the database. This is a … [Read more]

The Changing Role of the Historian

The theme that came to my mind most often while going through this week’s readings on digitization and crowdsourcing is the changing role of the historian, and how digitization has accelerated that change. Because of digitization, historians now have to  be comfortable in fulfilling roles typically filled by curators, librarians, and archivists, an idea that was voiced … [Read more]

The Eventual Sunset of Methodology?

The minor field I’m completing this summer with six of my peers is titled “Digital Humanities: Theory and Practice,” and our first week’s readings topic focuses on the history of the field and the various definitions of both digital history and digital humanities. These readings discuss many themes and issues within digital humanities, and this … [Read more]

Final Reflection

Read the original post on the DH Fellows’ blog Since posting my midterm reflection, I’ve been continuing to work on the Papers of the War Department and the 9/11 Digital Archive. Anne and I produced Episode #112 of Digital Campus in March, which featured three of the hosts discussing current trends in technology, including the demise of Internet Explorer, the … [Read more]

Midterm Reflection

Read the original post on the DH Fellows’ blog This semester I am working in Public Projects. Last semester, when the first year DH fellows were rotating through the division, we worked on the Histories of the National Mall and the 9/11 Digital Archive. This semester, I am continuing to work on the 9/11 Digital Archive in addition … [Read more]

Web Design Assignment

For the web design assignment, I created a rough draft of my final project that includes the home page in addition to the aftermath page. The aftermath page has sections on the relief efforts and the outcome of the mayoralty case. I attempted to incorporate the things we learned in the typography and image assignments into this … [Read more]